The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III

Josh Culler: Content, Owning a Niche & Savvy Marketing

December 26, 2019 Josh Culler Episode 105
The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III
Josh Culler: Content, Owning a Niche & Savvy Marketing
The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III
Josh Culler: Content, Owning a Niche & Savvy Marketing
Dec 26, 2019 Episode 105
Josh Culler

Josh Culler is the owner and founder of Culler Media. Josh has found a niche for creating content for real estate investors. What does this mean, you ask? Well, listen to the episode and you will find out how he helps investors differentiate themselves within their markets by utilizing video content. I am enamored by Josh's ability to capture market share within and industry that should be focusing so much more attention to content marketing but are failing to do so. Josh has even offered to give away a list of topics he suggest every real estate investor should have video content produced. To receive this list from Josh Culler please email at

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Josh Culler is the owner and founder of Culler Media. Josh has found a niche for creating content for real estate investors. What does this mean, you ask? Well, listen to the episode and you will find out how he helps investors differentiate themselves within their markets by utilizing video content. I am enamored by Josh's ability to capture market share within and industry that should be focusing so much more attention to content marketing but are failing to do so. Josh has even offered to give away a list of topics he suggest every real estate investor should have video content produced. To receive this list from Josh Culler please email at

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It's not real estate investors, entrepreneurs and agents. You're in the right place. Unlocking the secrets to real estate investing in entrepreneurship. Welcome to the Times Young vaults hosted by R. J. Bates The third years. Hey, guys, Welcome to the titanium vault. I'm your host, R J. Bates. Today I'm sitting down with Josh Color. How you doing, man?

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Man doing good. Thanks for having me on. Excited to be on the show. Here is there's been some legends on this show, dude. Right. I believe I'm here.

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I have been blessed to have some amazing guests, and I'm excited to have you on because we're going to talk about something that I'm pretty passionate about. So much passion about that. Sometimes some of my partners and friends and family give me a hard time about it. But, um, room quick before I stole that, Tell everybody what it is that you do in the real estate investing

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Ralph in there. Absolutely. So I think we're gonna go a little bit into my background here after this. So let me just talk about what I currently am doing. So again, Josh color again appreciate you having me on r J. I've been listening to the show for a while now, and a lot of really cool people that have been on the show. I so appreciate you having me on. I've been a podcast host for about six years and been a part of hosting about 300 episodes. So I know how difficult it can be to get people on the show scheduling with them and then actually running the interview. So, uh, kudos to you, man. Kudos to you, Bruce. You know, making this happen and giving back to the people that are listening to the show s Oh, yeah. Josh Color. I am out of northwest Indiana, just outside of Chicago, where I live is actually about 25 minute drive to the heart of downtown Chicago. So I just tell people I'm from the Chicago land region. Call it cool. Eso I own a business called Color Media. We do content production specifically for people in the real estate investing industry, which I'll kind of talk about why I ditched into that industry here in a few minutes. I've been in this this industry for about seven years and again we'll talk about that background but we do content production. So for those of you who are active real estate investors, we, uh you know, most times that this is the models that will actually come out for one single day, you get us for a full day, will shoot An insane amount of videos will go through the entire, you know, agenda process with you. So, you know, we're not just coming in there and just kind of And what are we doing today? You know that kind of thing. So we'll plan it out and strategically create content around what your goal is. So most of time, when I'm with acts, real estate investors, it's to do videos for acquisitions because that's something that you need is you need marketing for acquisitions on a consistent basis. So, you know, using my experience in the marketing department off a large real estate best investing company for several years. I know what works, what doesn't. So I'll help strategize that with you, and I act as kind of your on set director. Whereas, you know, typical videographer is gonna come in and just hit record, and that's it. I'm actually going to guide you through everything. And what I tell my customers is Let me strategize for you. You'll chip in. So I'm the I'm the point here on the director and you're just kind of the actor that could give your input. But I know what works I am in this silo. So, you know, trust me. And so I do that for them and we'll shoot videos, produce it, send it back to them. And then I'd also have clients where we do, you know, monthly subscriptions for their contents, more influence or brands. I work with guys like John Martinez, Don Costa. Um, my Cam Bright is one of my monthly clients, too. We're about to lock in some insane content for him when my good buddies Max Color Michael's uber and there's several other people that I work with that I do monthly contact. Or so I've got a team around me. Four team members on my color media team. We got the processes and systems locked in, so will visit our monthly clients once a month, shoot videos with them, load up enough contents to distribute that daily throughout the month, we push out an insane amount of content. We curate each piece of content for each platform to all the copy writing for them. So I have a copywriter specifically on my team and then a distributor. So we distribute all the content out to the platforms. And so that's our primary, uh, are two primary products and service is, and that's what we do know.

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There you go. So two things that I definitely want to touch base on in today's interview is how you found a very specific niche. Because I see so many entrepreneurs and they never become great at anything because they try everything. Yeah, and and they never narrow it down to a specific niche. And then a common theme of guests on the podcast due to their success is that they have a very specific niche. And so I I want to talk about that and then also content creation and why it's important. Um, you know, sometimes I have people asked me like R j, why do you spend so much time on the podcast in the YouTube channel and just giving out free information? I know the benefits of it. I've been preaching it for a long time, but I want to hear your personal that So let's go back. And I'm assuming your past is why you ended up in the real estate investing niche. So talk about that real quick and then kind of dive into why you chose this to be your specific.

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Yeah, Absolutely. That's a really good question. I've never had anybody ask me about, like, why I went into this, and I always talk about it, but I don't go deep into it. So I'll go deep into it for the audience here. So a little bit about the past is when I was 19 years old. So I'm 26 currently. Today I've caught myself a couple of times saying, I'm 27 on some podcasts I've been on and then I get 10 minutes down the road on the show. I'm like, Wait a minute. I'm not toys up in some, uh, once you get past a certain age, man, it just doesn't stop it. I just stopped counting. So I know those people on the show like you idiot. You're only 26. Uh, and so, yes, I'm 26. I started in this industry at 19 years old. Long story short I was going through a rough break up with a girlfriend. I was working in a downtown Chicago warehouse, driving a forklift, and I knew one of my buddies I played basketball with his dad actually owned about 500 doors in the northwest Indiana region in Chicagoland area. And they also did wholesaling. And so, you know, this is back seven years ago, so that was back when wholesaling was kind of getting it. You know, there was a There was a lot of people into it, but not as much nearest today because they were just recovering from the crash. And so I called my buddy up and was like, Hey, I'm tired of my job. Do you have anything? I don't have really much experience. I had been doing graphic design since I was, Ah, a sophomore in high school. So I had those skills. But I told them, you know, I'd do just about anything that you guys need. And so they brought me on and I worked with them for about seven months. I got a lot of really good experience. I mean, I did just about everything from the marketing to closings, acquisitions, cold calling you name it. I was doing just about everything, putting out bandit sci pre looks and all that. And so I got my grounds for real estate there. There's a couple things that happen caused me to leave. I was there for about again, seven months, and then I called my good buddy, Gary Harper up, and Gary was actually my fourth grade Sunday school teacher. I'm sure many people that are listening right now know who he is, which are for business solutions. And he was actually partners with a couple of guys in the northwest Indiana region there, Ah, wholesaling in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. And then later on, added Kentucky and call Gary. And I said, Hey, dude, I, uh, I looking for another job. I've got about seven months of real estate experience, and I'm a very quick learner. I learned by just experience. I've never sucked at school. I never set foot into a college classroom, so I told him, You know, I catch on and easily and, uh, you know, having that background of me being his fourth grade school teachers like, Yeah, come on, let's try it out. So I came on board with them. We were buying selling houses in Michigan. We were kind of way we were doing, that's and he and I in the first year virtually ball, but 70 properties bought and sold 70 properties in Michigan. We had one guy with boots on the ground who will go to pre looks and put out science and stuff like that. And so that was a great experience for me being under a wing of Gary like that. And then also the two other partners and S o I was part of that. So for about five years were part of that, and I eventually elevated into the marketing director position later on. But I was always in the marketing roll with Gary, and so we ran that we ran that department and very obviously did a bunch of other things inside that company as well. And throughout the time I was there, I had been a part of about a little over 1000 real estate transactions, and so that was incredible experience for me. A lot of things. I learned a lot of things I I learned to do and a lot of things not to Dio, right? So, Andi, just to be clear, I did not personally, you know, do those deal. There's a large company, about 30 people. I was in the market department, but specifically on the acquisition side. And so but But I was still a part of that many deals, and it's a great experience, and

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so were, you know, But I would like the wreck, male and cold calling. And things like that are what would use

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everything, man. We're back then, you know, trying everything and again back then. So I can't take credit for all the deals that we acquired two because that was back when HUD was hot. So the team we had in the acquisitions department was we're putting in. I remember the exact number, but it was like 17,000 beds a week. It was insane, but we were getting deals left and right. It was just plentiful. I mean, there was insane amount deals on HUD back when it was hot. And we're talking, you know, 3 to 4 or five years ago. So but we did. The market department did bring in a very large trunk of those deals as well. So yes, I was doing. We were doing a be testing on everything because, you know, everybody was putting out bandit science. Everybody started doing Craigslist postings, and when I first started, Craigslist was like, That was the place. You put your deals and you would get you and offers almost like right away. So things change. Things evolve over time. And so that's Ah, that was kind of my job was to learn, though.

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You know what, though? What an amazing experience for you, though, because so many people is entrepreneurs. You know, we don't get the opportunity to do all these A B tests and figure out what's working because we're on very strict budgets. Yeah, when we first started, it's I I ke I only have $5000 for marketing. I can't run the risk of this, eh? Not working. I have to go find a deal with this. And so what a great opportunity for youto be a part of a larger organization. Um, I just recently interviewed Justin Peters, who's here local in D. F. W. And he talked about his experience working with New Western acquisitions, and it was the same thing Where because he was a part of a larger organization. It wasn't all on his shoulders. Sure, you got such a great experience and then was able to go sort of zone being So with that experience, how did that correlate into you? Starting a media company and doing videography and things like that?

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Yeah. And one thing to add on to that is that, you know, like the the company we're all a part of. We didn't have an unlimited budget either, because we were you know, we wanted to keep our overhead low, even know later on, ended up being high. And that's kind of what led to the split of the company. But during the time when Gary and I were running the marketing department, we don't have an unlimited budget. Was a lot more like Cave Man marketing than anything. I mean, it doesn't cost anything to put correct those postings out. It costs very little to put band insides out strategically, placed them somewhere with the right messaging, the right color, you know, colors that you're gonna go deep into color theory with It doesn't cost much to send out direct mail back then. It doesn't cost anything to add people your buyer's list if you do it right, If you're not working with people, Um, where we were going to, you know, meet ups and stuff like that. And so that that's the thing is I would challenge you don't Don't think that when you're doing marketing that it's gonna cost an arm and a leg, find out ways not to skirt around like the things that may cost but find out other ways to do marketing because, you know, and I'm not saying do like one of everything. You definitely don't want to do that. I always tell people pick like two or three things that you want to go really deep into and maybe spend a a good chunk of change on it and then add two or three things you know, maybe every six months in order to, you know, make sure that you're not a one trick pony when it comes to your marketing. So I'm just kind of elaborate on that s o. B s. I have always been in media, So even though I have my real estate background, that gave me kind of the niche and the network inside of this industry and I have been doing media since I was about 15 16 years old. Like I said, Starr graphic design then picked up a camera when I was about 18 years old and then just kind of went from there and again. I'm a self taught person. Everything that I've learned has been just me nose down and, you know, watching YouTube videos, being resourceful, purchasing courtship courses on, like lynda dot com or you to me and just learning from your pro after effects and everything that needed to learn about cameras and everything's still learning today. So that's what I did. And so I picked up those skills used those throughout the time I was in the real estate, so we were doing videos off. You know, when we were purchased a house, I would go out. That was back when drones kind of got their start, where it was still legal to fly them without meeting a permit because, you know, people didn't know what they were. They thought they were just, you know, one of those are see like like things that you would you just take out with no camera on it. So I would go do drone shots of the houses and, you know, photos of the houses and what not? And so that's kind of where I learned that and was able to couple that with all the marketing strategies we were doing. And so, um, during that time, I kind of developed the want Thio for branding. And so my graphic design background kind of started beings of branding and designing brands, designing logos and going deep into color theory, fall allocation, um, and and all the aesthetics of the brands. And so I built somewhere brands kind of on the side of a side hustle wasn't married yet. We actually just got married a year and 1/2 ago or so. So, um, I wasn't married at that time, so I had a lot more time on my hands. I don't even remember if I was dating at that point and so have a lot of time. A man. So 9 to 5, you know, that's my full time job. And then five to midnight. That was my side hustle. And that's how I developed my skills. And so anybody is listening. If you're part time in real estate, you know, that's kind of why I know a lot of people who have built their their real estate empire off the back of a side hustle. So don't be afraid to do that. Don't be afraid to spend some time. You know, Right now we're recording this. It's still kind of in between the holidays And so, you know, yesterday was Christmas Day and I was working some. I just wanted to be productive. And I even told my wife like, I feel terrible, like, not wanting to work on Christmas Day. So I did a little bit right. But that's the thing. Like build it building on

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What's your passion, though? You have a passion for your company and for your skill set. Yeah, you're wanting to do and and I mirror That was everything that I want to do. I'm at the point now where no entrepreneurship is gonna be what I do for yes, a life. There's no going back and ever working for someone. And so I always just find whatever I'm passionate about, what I don't mind spending my time doing. I tell people that I've actually argued we guess on the podcast before where they said we will stay Investing is not my passion. It's just a platform that I've chosen. And I'm like, Be careful with that. Yeah, very careful passion of mine, like I actually like it like I am of owning real state, buying it, things like that. So that's cool that you found the

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cash and and that's funny because we were just talking about that before we got on the show. I told you specifically like and you asked me a little bit about my background. I'm like R J. I don't even like real estate like I don't like your Let's say, you know, I like the marketing I like, like the graphic designer like the video, the contact and all that, but kind of going back into I went off on a side trail there, but I'm kind of going back into how I got mixed into this is, You know, I I developed into branding as a side hustle on. Then I was doing video for people, and then over the course of a couple of years, we kind of built this mastermind called Good Success, and it was myself. Gary Harper, Kevin Hans, burgher Tom Wilson and the Wind Schaefer. And then, um, been late 2017 we decided to splits, and it was a mutual thing that people just, you know, three visionaries. They just wanted to do different things. They had different purposes envisions. So they decided to part ways mutually that way. I'm still building, doing business together as well, so that's awesome. So they did that. I went with Tom Wilson, who own good success and ran that mastermind for ah, a little bit about a year and 1/2 to 2 years and then all the way up until March of this past year and, ah, March 2019. And so I kind of was always doing this on the side. And then it got to a point where I was bringing in so much, um, revenue, but also, you know, clients that I wasn't marketing to. They were just kind of knew what I did. It was the power of my network, and then I not enough steam to be able to go full time into this. And so now that's what I'm doing. And I only do it for real estate busters, and that's kind of the reason why I missed in this because of my background because of the network that I built, and that just goes to show you the power of your network. And I've done stuff for some absolutely incredible people that, you know, they're my biggest cheerleaders. You know, when you got John Martinez, who I do stuff for pretty often, you know, make one Facebook post and giving me a shout out, and then I bring in, like, 20 leads off that have had to stop saying yes to people. That's an incredible thing, but it just goes to show you build relationships, and that's kind of the, you know, that's the back that I built my business on was the network that I built because, you know, I'm naturally an introvert, and that's something I had to get over very quickly that I wish I would have gotten over earlier. But glad I did at this point. So that's why I did it, uh, nichd into this and then I actually eventually kind of shelled off doing branding, so I don't even do branding or graphic design more. It's not lucrative enough, and you know those clients I love those clients, and I've done some incredible looking brands. But the declines that I work with to do content marketing it's just something I'm again more passionate about than anything. I absolutely love it, and so that's why I chose to do so. That's that's all we do now. It's content marketing.

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There you go. So I'm going to give you a compliment that you're probably going to disagree with. But I have to say it because from my perspective, and and I'm just gonna be completely up front with everyone that's listening right now, I have not hired any of these people that I'm about the name what I'm in them. I'm in the minority of people that are in this industry that are looking to hire people to build their business, to learn from. Um, there are three people in this industry that I think have found a niche for themselves, and it's almost like you're literally just running rampant through the whole industry, just grabbing people from across the country. And that's John Martinez, Gary Harper and then yourself. Um, the three of you have found a way to be in the real estate investing industry Um, obviously, Gary previously was a real estate investor, but he's not anymore. He's just coaching and doing the things that he does. Um, John Martinez obviously was on a couple of weeks ago, and he does sell straining, and you do the content. And I just I'm I'm so amazed by it as an entrepreneur in the fact that I'm sitting here and I'm like, You really don't have a ton of competition like you're just you're just going around like I was friends with you on Facebook and it's like I feel like every day I see you, you're like, I'm going to travel the Florida today And then next week I'm going to California. It's my new client client, new client, and it's amazing for you guys. So let's talk about content marketing because this is something that I'm pretty passionate about. I enjoy again. He gives me passion. Um what What is that? When you say you're going to a client and you're doing content marketing for acquisitions, what does that look like? And why should people be doing

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that? Sure. So before I get into that, I kind of wanna again expound on what you just talked about with. And I appreciate you like that's a heavy hitter lineup. I'm I I don't belong in that group of those those two other guys, but, I mean, that's a huge honor on both clients of mine. And obviously, like I said, Gary is like, it is my main men scores is one of my best friends on the planet s. I appreciate you saying that, but it means a lot. I think that, you know, one thing that actually, both of these guys told me when I was going into this is, um I first heard it from Gary. He kind of He didn't say it exactly like this. But John Martinez said it exactly like this. Scary, kind of like, you know, went around it, but in a different way. Said it, Um, the riches, Aaron, the niches. And that's kind of what I thought about. And even, you know, when I decided to stop doing the branding and just go specifically into content marketing, I was kind of and I use the term earlier like I was kind of scared because I'm like, Do I would just want to be a one trick pony But then I realized content marketing is like there's a 1,000,000 things inside of content marketing, right? There's video, there's social media, there's there's podcasting. I mean, there's there's a lot of different things inside of concert marking. You could build email newsletters and built your entire websites built out in contact. So there's a lot of different silos inside of just concept marketing. And so I found a Blue Ocean which, if you guys have read the book lotion strategy, I'm just like Gary did, just like John Martinez did. Now there's always people out there that there's always gonna be somebody out there that does what we d'oh. But there's not always gonna be somebody that's exactly like us, right? So I have my own experiences. I have my own skills and expertise, says, and, um, you know, they're to be truthful with you. I'm not the best videographer like I'm out the best video producer. I'm really not. The reason why people hire me and they bring me on is because of my experience is because of the portfolio that I have the people that I've worked with and you know, and that's what I tell people is like it's It's not because I'm the best at what I d'oh. I just decided a niche, and I'm really gonna building relationships and I know the industry. That's why people hire me there. You could hire somebody else that, you know, does incredible video that can do a massive production. But they're just gonna come in and hit record, not be able to strategize with you and say, Hey, I think you actually should say this instead of that. And that's what guys like Gary and John Martinez Kenbrell to the table to, because they've both been a part of real estate investing. Prior to their careers, John was a part of a couple of teams doing acquisitions, and then Gary invested himself, got slapped in the face from the from the crash in a way, and then I was obviously a part of this company that he hired me to be a part of. But we found this lotion, so I challenged people like try to find something that you know. And obviously if you're a wholesaler like that's gonna be tough. But that's kind of got a sec. Wait into what content marketing is is find something different that you can do as opposed to somebody else. Maybe it's the way that you actually message, you know, create your messaging in your marketing. Maybe it's the the way that you actually run your business, the operations of it, you know, the ease off, working with a cellar or something like that. Find. Find a blue Ocean niche inside of this large industry that you're a part of and find something different that you could do that. Maybe it's just it's not ocean. Maybe it's upon right something just something small that you can do in tweaking your business that's gonna elevate you above the competition and give you just enough edge, too, you know, squeak out. So you're not having toe, you know, get into these bidding wars with people, which, you know, you've got these newbie investors coming in spending way, way too much for properties, and then the experienced investors such as yourself. It's like I can't pay that like, I'm not gonna pay that because

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actually like numbers don't make sense. Yeah, that's that's actually the the conversation that I have more than any other conversation. The Messers nowadays is Ah, you're you're just you're seeing it incorrectly, and it's because of the nature of where we are in our cycle. Yeah, go away here pretty soon, but I want to go back to something you just said. I wantto pick on John Martinez for a second here, and that was that. And and here's the thing. If if this if you haven't listened my interview with John Martinez, go back and listen to it because obviously in that every year, on very complimentary of him, I love him. I think he's one of the best in the industry, but I do have to pick on him a little bit because there was a moment where it dawned on me and I started asking questions and I was like, You know, you were talking about You're not the best videographer in this and in the industry, right? But why do people hire you? I started asking questions that I was like, Why is everybody listening to John Martinez? Has he ever bought a house like as he ever actually used these, gone into a house and use the skill sets for his own company? Now, in my interview, I didn't find out he has done it for some clients, right? It's funny because he found this niche and what actually sold him. Waas is he taught one person, and it worked. And so that person told somebody else. Yeah, it just spiraled out of control. And that's what's happening with you right now. Is that no one's sitting here and saying to Josh Colors, the best videographer in the world. It's a Josh came down and made some amazing videos for my company, and he told me what to do. Because why did people not do content marketing or create content? Right? It's because they struggle with knowing what to talk about, Yeah, or what to say, Well, where to do it or what equipment to use. And then a lot of times it's who do I even higher? I mean, you go Google like videographer for real estate investing companies like maybe you pull up. I don't think that the barber's working on that right now. Exactly. So it's like you are the person that's gonna get hired, you know, I mean, you're because if you're on social media, let's just use Facebook, for example, and you're friends with people from across the country like the don cost is in the mike am brights, which have large podcasts. They have large followings, and then they make posts about hey, check out this video that Josh Color made for me. I mean, yeah, you're immediately going to get the phone ringing from people like me saying wolfed on cost is doing it. I have to do it is well,

spk_1:   26:57
right? Exactly. Well, something to add. One more thing to add to that, too, is that you know, it's one thing to have the network that I have and, you know, bring clients on. But the reason why and I'm trying I'm not gonna get a big head here. I'm just speaking truth right now, right? The reason why they So, for instance, like probably 5 to 6 times a week, I get tagged in a post from somebody asking who does video, who does content. And a lot of people have to say no to because I have to. I'm at this, like, you know, ceiling right now that I got a breakthrough and delegates more things. But regardless, like getting tagged in these post on Facebook of people asking who to hire for video for content. I get tagged by. You know, Don Costa is my camp, right? You know, Stinson with investor feel as well. And then, you know, Gary, Gary and John tag me all the time. But the reason why they do that isn't just because, like, I know the industry or a shot videos. Well, is because I treated them like my number one customer. Like I I went out of my way for I You can ask John like sometimes I bug him like a john. Anything I could do for you, I just send him a message like that. John, is there anything I can do for you? And I'm always just staying on top of them and asking him that question. And I do that with all my clients that periodically I'll reach out to just say, Well, it's gonna do for you. What? What other way can I bring value to you? Um, you and I always asked like, Do you feel like you're getting your money's worth out of what we're doing? And and if they're not? Then I asked why What can we do? Different. What could we innovate? And then on top of that. I'm being proactive with innovating their strategies in the first place. So once 1/4 I'll meet with my clients and say, Hey, let's revise our content Marketing strategy are our current set my marketing plan and see what updates that happens to the platforms. You know what type of content don't you differently? We need to do more self help stuff. Or do we need to do more specific real estate stuff and just staying on top of that and being, you know, as opposed to just being a media business, which you guys, you got guys like Gary Boner Truck said. You need to be a media business like every business needs. Snoopy immediate business. I completely agree with that because that's kind of the way or getting it is nowadays, right? But you know, before on top of that, so I think you know media business. A 2nd 1st should be your customer service business on DDE that goes for active investors. That goes for influencers that goes for service providers like myself is you gotta be a customer service business and that's what I've you know, tried, expound on and and again like I'm even though I'm a natural inch over. I do very well of, like getting out of my shell and just talking to people especially, you know, if I got a good relationship with them. But you know, most of my clients I'm like, I'm like, you know, you know, cursing at them, going back and forth. We're having fun with it. Like, you know, we're calling each other a holes is like, What's up, bro? You know, stuff like that just, you know, have a phone with it. There's I don't have a single client that, like, I feel like they're not, you know, one of my best friends, right? It's because I've built that relationship with them and treated them like my most valuable customer. And I was told, people like, you know, when I bring on a client, especially my monthly recurring clients, I don't have a lot of this right now. I have 12 and I'm mad at max capacity. I'm not taking any more on. And so you know, when I'm with these people, though, I build those are like ships. I offer to buy lunch all the time. Breakfast all time, you know, it is their responsibility to buy that stuff. But I was offer because why not right now? What's what's 40 bucks to a client that's paying me a premium dollar amount for a premium service. So

spk_0:   30:20
support in your life I mean, that's the best way that I always think about. It s o for you know where this is gonna be. Episode 105 And so I'm at the point now where ever now that I like to share the little things about how I've actually created the podcast and gotten to this point, um, bring one that's ever listened. I have very rarely ever done any research on my guest before interviewing them, even if I don't know who the hell they are. Um, and the reason why it's because I always want to come from the place off the listener and what questions I would want at next if I was listening to it. And so occasionally, I like to just pull things from my experience of following you. So I'm gonna guess on something. Is Brent Daniels one of your clients?

spk_1:   31:15
No. But Jesse Jesse Burrell, a evil on an e. R. And I'm constantly editing videos for them that had friends in it. So yes, up,

spk_0:   31:25
though. Yeah, in the reason why I brought that up is probably because of a batch, skip tracing and Daniel's video.

spk_1:   31:32
So they're my monthly clients, and I had it, like, 10 videos a month with Brent in them. So yeah,

spk_0:   31:38
but, you know, it's one of you brought up that everybody should. Gary v talks about every company should be immediate company as well. And this is something that Titanium has just recently branched out into. We are going to become a media company with Dutch Jackson. Yeah, and it's funny because I don't view you as like competition at all, because we're not going to do what you do. I mean at all where we're completely different. Um, style of company. And it's so funny because you brought that up that there's so many different, um, little niches within content marketing, right? Yeah, that I've learned that the hard way, even though we have it like this is probably the first time I've said it. Outside of Steve trains podcast about having this media company, I've had people reach out and asked like, Hey, will you do our Facebook post force. Will you do? Instagram? Will you do this? And I might Oh, hold on. You were gonna do music videos with Dutch videography. How did this giant Facebook account? Right? Right. No, that's not what we're gonna do. I might, if not even remotely close. So what is it that color media does for its clients?

spk_1:   32:54
Sure. Yeah. So we kind of went off in a couple of rabbit trails there. Let's talk about what content marketing is. And first of all, Dutch does some badass stuff, So I I consume a lot of the concept that he puts out is a cool dude. I met him at, ah, whole scaling live with the whole Skilling's one of my clients and Elizabeth's and and Charles there. And I met him. He's cool, dude. And yeah, absolutely no competition, like and honestly, like, thing is like the abundance mindset, right? I mean, we talk about this all the time, like I've been on well shows. I've interviewed multiple people that talk about abundance and and truthfully, when you watch, people like their actions are going to show if there, if they have an abundant mindset where scarcity mindset for me, like I you know, it's natural for me because I'm a competitor. I played sports all you know, every every every day of the year. I was playing some kind of a sport, so that kind of put up a competitive drive in me. So I had to get out of that in my early years where I would see somebody, you know, somebody that I thought she'd be my client. And there's another person with a mom,

spk_0:   33:51
right? I

spk_1:   33:52
should add efforts, you know, like, I think it's like, you know, and I am at this point right now where I can't take any more clients on. So those of you listening like unless you're an active investor, you want me to come in for one day to shoot videos like I can't take on any more monthly clients, right until I'm able to scale the business and put you know, the pieces together to be able t go pass that if I even want to do that. But I think about it that way. Like, you know, way talk about the Phoenix people. Right? You were on Steve trains, podcast and any you and Jesse or clients of mine. I know Pace and Jamil and those guys and Brent and like they are stay of, like, such an abundant mindset. It's crazy, like they're like best friends, but they're also competitors, and they don't know each other like competitors. It's crazy to think about that. So So let's talk about content marketing real quick before you know we have the show in two minutes. But eso eso concept marketing. It's basically if you if you wrap your head around what concept marketing is, you're basically answering people's questions. Elytis. That's all it is your answering questions that your customers have or would potentially have. So let's talk about an active in real estate buster. I've got a list of about if you guys want, and if it's okay with you, R J for your audience to email me. I've got a list of about 50 topics that you could do. If you're in agony, little state buster. You'll be able to pick from those and and kind of spark some ideas. But there's a research that you can do. There's some platforms that you could go on. Cora is one of them and just search the you know, key phrase like It's all my outs, stuff like that. There's a platform called Answer the Public that you go there and it gives you a whole diagram of some you know, questions that you can ask you content around. And that's all it is. It's all content. Marketing is. And so if you're an actor real estate investor, you might do a video. You know, you might do in about US video who we are. But, you know, focus on bringing about one video that always have people doing. There's tons of other examples that but one that always have people do is the advantage, the pros and cons to selling to a real estate investor over a realtor. You know, one of the pros and cons between the two and you don't talk about your business until the very end. When you give a call the action like, Hey, if this is something that you're interested in, you and you see the pros and selling to an investor, you know, go to our website folk form probable, but focus on bringing value and build your framework of concept marketing around answering people's questions. But inside of those answers delivering value, delivering education and information allow. What that does is it builds. It builds credibility. It built authority and builds relationships. Were just talking about relationships earlier and the way you got, like a content marketing is it's your 24 hour salesman when somebody goes online at two o'clock in the morning and searches saw my house. Dallas, What's gonna pull up? You know, Dallas is very saturated market. So if you're going to stand out, you gotta put out an insane amount of content and make sure that you're doing the proper key word on placement inside of your videos. And make sure you have closed captions and the med attacks and all that. All that stuff that goes into it. But But that's the thing is like, What if your video pulls up? Is it going to be hey Aiken by your house? Call me or is it gonna be? Hey, you're going through a divorce and you're gonna end up with a property. Here's your options right? And that's delivering value to people that automatically builds a relationship with them. And that video is your salesman that they talked to at two o'clock in the morning, they're gonna wake up. They're gonna go back to sleep, wake up at eight o'clock, give you a call and say, Hey, I saw your video. It delivers some value to me, gave me a really good direction. You know? How can I make this work? And that's the typical progression of what concept marketing does. Focus on delivering value as opposed to advertising which advertising is directly relating to your business and what you can do for people. Focus on that. Not yet.

spk_0:   37:35
You know, it's so funny you bring up like the topics that you can use. And I think this is one of the areas where specifically reels. They investors sometimes struggle with the content creation because they're not thinking about who their audiences and what they need to hear. There's this, like they do for the

spk_1:   37:56
audience, that they're not thinking about what the audience needs.

spk_0:   37:59
And this is one of the areas that the eye buyers have, like just kicked our butts. Yeah, straight up. Yeah, I go on to open door or perch dot com or one of the other f ake use in their content. It's right there. It's as here's the benefit of selling toe open door compared to selling on the retail market, and it is like, super simple. And the reason why I know this is because I just sold a house to a new high buyer perch here in D f W. So what did I do? I went on to their website to learn about their process, and within 45 seconds of being on the website, I knew the difference between them and open door flight. Oh, they're gonna I'm actually gonna net probably $4000 more to sell the perch than open door. I'm gonna go with them.

spk_1:   38:52
Yeah, And who did you talk to? Nobody. That's the content that was on the website. And that's the thing to R. J. Is that people think that, you know, and it's true. But people primarily think content is video. It is totally is right. But content is also what's on your website. Anything that comes out of your mouth and in a marketing is content. So if you're talking to a cellar on the phone, that's content. So look at it that way. It's also the I know, the type of content that you put on your postcard like when you send out a postcard instead of listing all the things that you know all all the types of sellers that you could buy from, you know, focus on delivering some value and say, Hey, we, you know, did you inherit a property? Here's your options. And then on the back say we can help you. If you have any questions, give us a call. You know, done that. You're building a relationship with him.

spk_0:   39:40
Actually, I want I want to go full circle on that story that I just share because it's actually pretty cool. Yeah, I interviewed Justin Peters last week. Avery mentioned him once. He was my interview last week. Okay? We talked about I buyers because he used to work with Open door. So he or open door new Western acquisitions then started his own company. God, I thought about that for a lot. And then I brought up the fact that I was selling houses to open door, that I was acquiring steep discounts. I would just turn around doing nothing, and just so no open or so. Then, after, like midnight after I interviewed him, he's like, Hey, dude, I forgot to tell you, uh, I found this new one called Perch, and you should try them out. So I'm sitting there at midnight, and I'm like, perch. Okay, perch dot com. And I'm about to sell a house. Another house that I had just acquired toe open door went on the website. And there's two things the frequently asked questions where it showed the difference. And then they had a video on the website where obviously they had one person with the script sit down with the camera nailed. It told me the difference is one minute later, I'm submitting it. The next day, I get an offer, signed a contract with Perch. Yeah, pretty cool that that holding came full circle from the bod guest. But again, what's the podcast content? Right? Without me doing the podcast, I would have known that. So really, I view it as I do. That podcast episode literally just made me 4000

spk_1:   41:06
dollars, right? And people here think of it that way, too, because I, you know, there there is a certain doses that you need to put in your marking that straight advertising, right? You gotta do that, right? I mean, that's just that's the That's the you know, that's the way it's gotta be. But if you focus more on delivering value with your content, as opposed to just advertising all the time, you're gonna see a lot heavier results. But keep in mind, these are gonna be results that may just impact you down the road. Advertising is one of those things where you can convert quickly, but it's a transactional relationship. Which someone on the podcast listening might say, Well, I'm just wholesaling. I'm buying from one buyer. That's it. Okay, But who also they talking to? They got friends. They got family. They can, you know, if you build relationships with them and you deliver value to them instead of just beat them up on price. And then they're They're finally, like, you know, crying uncle, because their arms behind their back like that's not building relationship with them. That's just forcing your hand upon them. Andi may not have. Are there any other options or may not meet? You may be in a market that's not saturated in the You're the only person I could buy their house, so build relationships with them. But when it comes to influence our content, like what you're doing with the podcast, What I found is that you know, for me and you know, I think we're gonna talk about it a little bit later. But, you know, I have a podcast that's called the content marketing playbook. It's It's just, you know, a podcast for content marketing at any industry that you're part of because most content marketing is very principle based. And then I also have a newsletter specifically for real estate investors called our Marketing Weekly. On those two silos, I only deliver value. I don't give call the actions and I have nothing to sell you. I have nothing, no product. I do have a service, but I can't take anybody else on right now, right? And so what happens is by arbitrage, people reach out to you. You know, I've just run the podcast. I've had several people reach out to me that aren't even in real estate industry and say, Hey, would you be willing to come to my gym and shoot some videos and you know, I gotta say no because I'm next in this industry, but I also give them, you know, a solution as well, so I'll come up with another videographers. I'm like that. But you know what? When it comes to this influence or marketing people don't wanna I don't wanna be patient. They don't want to just, like go to 105 episodes on a podcast and you know they don't see any results. They didn't see 10,000 downloads in the first week, right, guys, that's not how it works. That's not how content marketing words you're building relationships with people and you're the content. Marketing is for the Long term Hall established authority to establish credibility, to establish relationships, whereas advertising straight advertising again is needed. But it's transactional. You're getting in there quick, you're getting out quick, and that's

spk_0:   43:39
literally 02 companies that I wouldn't have owned without putting myself out there. The affable, flipping and now titanium vision with Dutch catch wouldn't have known who are debates is if I had just reached out to him and said, Hey, man, my name's R J and I'm a real estate investor. If he couldn't go back and check, see who I waas, he wouldn't have been like yeah, let me go into videography for you and nice feeling a bit. He went and did his research on me. From that initial reach out and same thing with next level flipping, I didn't know Ryan robes and before we partnered together, um and but I did know Jamie. But I mean, without without content, do those two whole cos I'm not a part of without it. So sure, it's vital to today's business and it's only going to continue to become more and more vital. Moving or

spk_1:   44:29
at the bottom line is too is like the more you d'oh! You know, even if you don't ever mention your titanium investments company where you're buying and selling, you know, just my arbitrage people are gonna want to know what you do if you deliver the values him, you know, once you start like for me, I talked a little bit about, you know, color media and what I do because you asked a question. But I didn't ask the question I want to talk about. I just start talking about content marketing, right? And by doing that, people would realize that Hey, this guy knows what he's talking about so let me go check him out. And so then it'll go. They'll go check me out and see what I have to offer. See what contents out there about me about the company. And then if it delivers enough value, then they'll pull the trigger. You gotta look at content. Marketing is dating. You're you're dating. You're not always going to go for the kill. You know, I always go for the kiss or the home run, right? Like you want to get the first base. You first of all, you gotta swing and you gotta hit the ball. Then you gotta get to first base. And that's how content marketing is. Is that the more value to you deliver, the more you date that person, which is them consuming your content. And then at some point, instead of you having to go in for the kiss, they're going to go in for the kiss and pull the trigger without even sometimes even talking to you, right? I found that a lot of times where ah customer will just still, you know, I've I've talked to multiple act active real estate investors like, Hey, we put all the all this content out that, you know, film for us. And we had a, you know, a cellar that watched, like, all the videos. And then they got on the phone. Or like, Hey, I don't even want to talk about, like, the differences between you guys already know. I watch a video. So how do we move forward? And that's not how it happens. So think about it that way.

spk_0:   46:01
Yep. Alright, ma'am. Well, I will say this when you start creating content. Don't expect to be great at it at first. That's why there's people out there like Josh to help you to direct and things along those lines. Um, 105 episodes ago, if I had tried to interview Josh, I would have been nervous out of my mind. We would have barely been ableto last 25 minutes on the episode before. I might amount of questions, buddy. Like, we gotta gotta wrap this up. And here we are. We're approaching damn near an hour or so. Uh, I appreciate you taking the time today. Any final bots and and about content creation and working

spk_1:   46:44
with someone like yourself. Yeah. What? One? One thing. The cap off on that and I'll be really quick is, um, one? One thing I love here in Gary Vaynerchuk say, and I'm a big Gary be fan, obviously, like he's like he's the one who kind of started content marketing. You didn't start it, but he's, like, kind of the Godfather, but right, um, and so one thing that he always says is that like you can read about push ups, but until you actually do them, you're not gonna get fit. All right, so it's the same thing with condom, or it's the same thing with everything but what you're looking at content marketing, what you just talked about, You know, when I go back and, you know, listen and watch the first episode I ever hosted, and I'm up to like, 320 episodes of different podcasts that I've hosted and been a part off. And if I go back to the very 1st 1 that I ever did is actually with Gary Harper. I like it was terrible, like, this is the most god awful thing that you'll ever listen to, like no value, just like 20 circles and that anything like a terrible um, but I get. I hear a lot of people, like try to consume, you know, YouTube videos on how to do concept marketing. And they read all the books and stuff like that, and that's all stuff you need to dio like you gotta You gotta, you know, learn how to do a push up properly and the proper posture and how many to do. How many raps, How many sets? And you know, how far do you bring your hands in or have already bring him out? And why do you bring them out and that kind of thing? But until you actually do it and start on it, you're not gonna make any progress. You're never gonna grow. You're never gonna innovate. And now you're 105 episodes in and this is an awesome episode. I mean, again, we've got an hour. We could probably go four hours

spk_0:   48:16
because we just we just wait. We'll scratch the surface. Yeah, like we could go on and on, you know,

spk_1:   48:23
So So, uh, the last thing here that leaving guys with is you know, there's there's a few things when it comes to content working to get started. Number one is. What do you comfortable is if you don't like being on video? Don't be on video. Start writing like maybe you like writing, write some blocks, write some articles that can go on a site or write some scripts that you could send a fiber dot com and they confirm for you. You know, figure out what you're comfortable with, and then eventually you work into that. Now, that doesn't give you an excuse to not try it. So actually, try it on. The second thing is got to know your avatar. You gotta know who your audience is and you know, then the next thing is, where are they? You got to discover that because if you're putting, you know, if you're if you're a real estate investor in your influence or like R J. If you're putting content out on tick talk or Snapchat, I mean, you're probably going into no dead space, but you're putting it on Facebook YouTube podcasts. Okay, you're you're in the right place because you are where your audience is. So those are the things you gotta think about when it comes to content marketing, and you don't want to just be white noise or even worse, just in a Red Ocean as opposed to a blue ocean with your concept marketing. So think about that way. That's all I got, man.

spk_0:   49:29
I love it. And to wrap up and kind of finalize that. Not there. When I started the podcast, I was deathly afraid of cameras and lights and speaking on stage. But because I started the podcast and I started audio only, it may be comfortable with interviewing people. And then I went on propel Leo TV as a guest. I literally drove 30 minutes over there feeling like I was going to throw up the entire time, Did one episode with him, and I was like, That was awesome, like I loved it. And now I'm so comfortable having a camera in my face and speaking on stage. It's It's like second nature to me. But it was a fear of the unknown, and until I did it, then I realized I actually like it. So, Josh, thanks so much for sitting down with us guys. That's this week's episode. If you listening on iTunes, it was a five star rating. If you want to give us a four star or less review. Give it someone else and then give us the five star review you're watching on YouTube. Give us the thumbs up. Make sure your subscribe and set the notifications. Alright, guys, we'll see you all next week. Thanks so much for listening to the titanium vault with your host our Jane base, the third more imposing. To stamp the date, visit www dot podcast on the titanium vault dot com and on facebook dot com slash the titanium vault. He enjoyed the episode. Please rate in review and we'll catch you next time.