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The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III
Brian Meara: Thousands of Properties Invested in Nationwide
February 09, 2018 Brian Meara
Brian Meara is a real estate investor based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He started off as a real estate agent that specialized in short sales and stopping foreclosures. He quickly learned that it would be more profitable to become the investor that purchased these short sale opportunities. Once he started investing in these properties, he quickly grew a team of negotiators to help him acquire as many properties as possible. It was at this time that there were changes made by the banks on how quickly you could sell a purchased short sale. Brian then created a new way to purchase and wholesale short sale properties. This led Brian to educating other investors on this new strategy. Brian is now successfully buying and selling properties nationwide, educating new investors on how to achieve financial freedom and has other means of residual income. This interview contains some great content and is one you do not want to miss out on!
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