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The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III
Daniel Moore: Real Estate Investing with an Abundance Mindset
August 18, 2017 Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore is the co-founder of Propelio and a highly successful real estate investor. Based out of Dallas, Texas, he is currently focusing on high end projects that can net him 6 and even 7 figure profits. Daniel shares his story of how he flipped his own house without any investing knowledge and propelled that into over a quarter of a million dollars in his bank account. Later on in the episode, he tells us how he gained investing knowledge and became a member of the Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Education Hall of Fame. Daniel is currently developing the Propelio Academy to bring investing knowledge to the masses at an affordable price. Daniel was a pleasure to interview and an investor who has grown his business but always having an abundant mindset. Connect with Daniel: Mentioned on the Show:
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