The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III

Justin Peters: Wholesaling 90+ Deals Annually

December 12, 2019 Justin Peters Episode 103
The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III
Justin Peters: Wholesaling 90+ Deals Annually
The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III
Justin Peters: Wholesaling 90+ Deals Annually
Dec 12, 2019 Episode 103
Justin Peters

Justin Peters is the product of Aledo, Texas and is the owner and founder of JZ Home Buyers based out of Fort Worth, Texas. He has a unique path to his current success of wholesaling over 90 properties in 2019. He got his real estate investing career started at New Western Acquisitions, transitioned to opening a local brokerage and then took a position with OpenDoor when they opened their DFW branch. With this extensive knowledge and background he then started JZ Home Buyers in 2017. He now operates with a team of 22 people and is looking to continue to grow to hit his goal of impacting millions of people throughout his career.

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Justin Peters is the product of Aledo, Texas and is the owner and founder of JZ Home Buyers based out of Fort Worth, Texas. He has a unique path to his current success of wholesaling over 90 properties in 2019. He got his real estate investing career started at New Western Acquisitions, transitioned to opening a local brokerage and then took a position with OpenDoor when they opened their DFW branch. With this extensive knowledge and background he then started JZ Home Buyers in 2017. He now operates with a team of 22 people and is looking to continue to grow to hit his goal of impacting millions of people throughout his career.

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It's not real estate investors, entrepreneurs and agents. You're in the right place. Unlocking the secrets to real estate investing in entrepreneurship. Welcome to the Times Young vaults hosted by R. J. Bates. The third years I'm your host, R. J. Bates. Today I'm sitting down with my good buddy Justin Peters. How're you doing, man?

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Doing right. Glad to be here with

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you. Yeah. Yeah. So this is It's been a long time coming, man. You and I have been talking about doing an interview for a while, and I'm just I'm excited to break down your business and see how you guys have grown over the past couple of years. So, uh, kind of briefly introduce yourself and write down what it is that you do in real estate investing.

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Yeah, man. So my name is Justin Peters, from the owner of a company here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex called J C Homebuyers. And you know our prime focus. As of right now, asshole. Selling to do fixing flips, dunes and buying holds. We're looking to get more on the creative side as well, man. But, uh, you know, more than anything, you know, we've been focusing on building a system in a team to be assistant deal flow Folkston value to the homeowners. And with that in place, then kind of expect not call options that real estate offers. And so a little bit. And just about me, who I am and how I I got toe where I am, you know, growing up R J. I was a pretty I was your noble that Kidman little town west of Fort Worth. Call a leader Texas and most people from the men's place literally have no idea where Alito Jackson says. It's one of those times, uh, it's known for football and pretty much football. Exactly. That's

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what's known for football

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s o. I grew up there, man. And, uh, you know, it was your your average kid growing up, I cared about hanging out with my body is in sports and never really had a focus on education or anything like that. Man didn't have anyone. My family, uh, everyone to college or anything. And you know, one of the things that kind of got me here in a brain just this first part up, and it's because I never forget kind of fast forward into my senior year, there will be no high school. Uh, it was a Tuesday man, and everyone was starting to get like there. There are seven letters for colleges and kind of getting an idea of what that next chapter is gonna look like. Where is there their sweaters and sure, some kind of just posting it online and everything. And there I waas I didn't have a clue, man. I mean, I applied a few colleges on. I knew it wasn't gonna I think I, like, had to apply was requirement at my school. Don't denied every single one of them. And it was the first time in my life I kind of was always the guy that just kind of went with the flow three day Everything's gonna work out. I don't have to apply myself off. Figure that stuff out you come. And for too long, man, once that kind of hit me, I kind of stopped in my tracks is like, What in the world am I gonna do with my life like this class clown being decent sports? There's no future in that. It's pretty hard to make money playing sports and hanging with friends, most state age. And I just remember thinking to myself, man, like, what am I gonna do? Like, I have no skills. I have no direction of what the future looks like. And everyone around me was ready to rock and roll in that exact clarity on what was going on. Uh, I remember at that time, in one of the most like, important to board questions, I asked myself, Waas, what if I bring this up? But still to this day, I used those two words. What iss that kind of help me level up still in my day and age will wrap up our business, Remember? Taken down like what if I keep doing everything I've done up to this point and don't apply myself? I'm just that guy. What is my life gonna be like? You know, I'm gonna What am I gonna do? And then I started kind of thinking on the country. Archie, what if I could be that? Do that changed it all around? What if I could just applying myself, go down to maybe a junior college and learn how to be an actual student and made decent grades? I mean, I was a guy that I lived the graduate like the bottom 5% of my class. It was It was, but I didn't know anything on S a t did not apply for the a c t. Just none of that stuff, man. And, uh, you know, those questions I asked myself started kind of becoming a reality. So what if I could go to juke election, then maybe go to a major university? What if I could start making street eights? What if I could, you know, find something that I'm gonna be passionate about and give everything I have to make some up myself And so fast? Forward, man, ended up going down to a little junior college there in the blend Texas, Right. Next college station, Texas. A name is that and just changed everything about me. Man, do that. Never once read a book. I mean, we're talking Dr Seuss, man. I could even get through one of those back. Our check, uh, started started reading books consistently investment myself studying people that have been there, and that had done it. And I started realizing, Man, a lot of these people were very similar to me. There is nothing special about him. But they just got so committed with this vision they had that they weren't going to stop until they could become that person. They were they were meant to be. And then you had the potential to be on dso kind of how I got here, man. Just a quick story is I started Texas a noon. I ended up turning around on making great grace there, graduated two blocks, made it, had a ton of student debt. And so I spent the first year after college in the only gas industry is the only job I could make that came that stuff off. So I could really just jump straight into the industry with no debt. I had known, I mean and, uh, so went down to West Texas works 18 20 hour days. It was a national crime, But a year later, I was able to have all my student loans paid off, and I've got my groove thing last. It's my senior year of college. I knew that's what I wanted to do. I didn't know exactly what itwas a new real estate was. Where I wanted to put all my focus that somehow or another and long story for a short man started off with a few companies in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, a new Western for a few months, help with Freddie actually started brokers that he had. And then I got recruited by a company called Open Board that I have never heard about whenever they started reaching out to you, leaked in and, uh, got on with them, spent two and 1/2 years helping them. You bring up the Dallas Fort Worth market and started realizing, uh, the possibilities of what we were dealing with. Learn how to really structure of business, learned the software's the leadership abilities and everything that, you know. I really didn't have much experience end up to that point and decided to take a leap of faith. Man sink. My ships have said, You know what? I see an opportunity. I feel like I have enough ability to give this thing a shot to start my own company to be an entrepreneur and, you know, see what happens with all the habits I was they created up to that point. You know, looking back I made is the best decision slash scarce decision I ever made and started up the company. Jay Z Homebuyers man in 2017 November 2017. So that's kind of a quick story where I am, how I got to be the owner of Jay Z Homebuyers, man. And the rest is just kind of history, brother.

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Awesome. Well, before I, before I jump into the real estate. So if I do have to ask you a football question, go home. Or so you played football for Alina, right?

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Yes, sir.

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I'm gonna assume you were a cornerback.

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I was a quarterback. You're

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bad B. That's all I'm talking about. That i for everyone. Listen, I did not know that. Okay? Clearly basing that off of looking at him, okay? I want to be a football coach back in the day. So there you go. I still got those skills I could I could see the

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way that maybe something future, you could still dive into it. All right, so all

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right. So one of the one of things that I want touch on on your story there. Obviously, that's an incredible journey, But on the real estate side of things, you started off with new Western.

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Yes, sir.

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Over the people that don't know what New Western is for most of us, we refer to them as like a big box wholesaler. Yeah, they they believe that they have, like, 35 different offices across the country. Something along those lines. Yeah. What was that experience like? And what was your role there with that company?

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Yes, the one of the good things about starting with the company, like New Western diversity is going and, you know, starting a Keller Williams on the traditional side of things, I realized, like real estate has a lot more than just representing a seller and buyer and transaction. I start. I don't understand that there was a lot more to the the beast of the real estate industry than just fled. You know, I have been taught what I've read in books that point, and really the western what they are. Is there a cell's force mint there in absolute dominant sells? Forced that, for the most part, take other homes, others deals, and they're able to kind of have a whole song in the organization, and they got their cells team, which is where you start out and then they've got their acquisition team. And so what I learned more than anything working there was just being able to want, kind of learn the language of you know what, whole selling men, the fix and flip side of things by holds and really learning out of cell learning how to get in a very uncomfortable situation and talk to people and put yourself out there and fell and fell and fell again until things started really kind of started to click for you. It was one of those You you're gonna figure it out or not. If you don't, we'll find the next guy that's gonna jump in. So it was a very eye opening experience for me, but I was They would learn a lot while I was there, and I made a lot of good friends. There's a really cool experience.

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Yeah, and I don't want this interview to turn into, like, a showcase for new Western acquisitions. I just briefly wanted touch. I like There's a lot of people, especially in markets where New Western does you no significant volume 30 40 deals a month where there's a negative connotation about new Western, and I'll be honest with you, like I have great connections with that company. I've also had terrible experiences where I've been circumvented on a deal, even sold the deal and then it, you know, he got yanked away from me. Could someone offer Maur and lots of different scenarios? What people need to understand is is a very large company, a very large company and a ton of people to manage. And they're trusting that their acquisitions, people, their dispositions, people are going to do the right thing in any large company. That's not the case. There's gonna be people that are not going to do the right things, and they handle that situation. So I just want to say that And you know what? I think it's You brought up a really good point in the fact that it was a great experience for you to learn some of the in and out of this industry without having to go float your own entity right off the bat. So when you went from New Western open door, is that right?

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Yeah. So, me and Freddie, I should kind of sync up and okay, he was that new western with me and then be helped him with his brokerage. And then at that point, I started recruiting open door. And, you know, I looked at it as a pretty cool opportunity that I didn't think was gonna really, ever come around. Startup company had a totally different vision of what they're trying to do on the real estate side. And so I kind of took the leap and jumped on. I was really happy that I didn't. So

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So we'll touch base on the open door situation. So open door is a tool in our tool belt right now where we could take properties down and sell them the open door without doing anything to them. And what's funny about this is is that I've set in masterminds with hundreds of highly successful investors and the the or ah, in the room is thes ie buyers like Open door. And now Zillow has jumped in on this and, you know, in Phoenix there's, like, 150 of these. I buyers like they just have billboards everywhere. Um, there's fear, right, that they're gonna come in and they're gonna ruin us. We're the small guys. And because They're backed by all this huge capital that when we can only offer, you know, 100,000 they could come in and offer 130,000. And so they're gonna put us out of business. Well, what I decided was is no, they're willing to pay 130,000. So I still go by the house at 100 I sell it to them for 130. They are my best buyer. I'm not fearful of them. I'm thankful for them. Absolutely. You know, I'm I'm literally today. I just sent over my title policy and my closing docks and a property I closed on last week because they're already buying it. I had my inspection yesterday, you know? I mean, there's the go to buyer.

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You're you're asking the right man. It kind of brings up the point what we were talking about before you gotta look at situations like that. It's not about competition, man. It's about collaboration. You could change that, understand? Like a. And not to mention that we've had several Mourners that we've purchased houses from, and because we focus on quality and unnecessarily the math student and a lot of what we do is based on relationships. And so we've been ever make. Even if it's a lower offer, been able to come in, build ever tour, gain trust this homeowners. We beat out the side fires. Absolutely. It's not

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hard to do. I mean, to be honest with you. They're marketing is pushing them to a website that it's cool jumping warm about that, you know, it's like Goto website filled this out. We're gonna ask you every single detail question about this property. And to be quite frank, it's gonna be hard for most homeowners to answer all those questions. There's gonna be these others, like I don't know if I don't know about my house. I don't know if this is, you know, and so it's easy for us because that's the world we live in, eh? So when you compare that to, we're sending things out. Where were immediately talking to them were on the phone or we're going to their house and we're meeting with them. Their process is also a bit cumbersome in the fact that it's Hey, I'm gonna go on a website and then it says we'll get you an offer within 24 hours, and then you receive an email that says, Here's your offer 130,000 and then you click through all the prompts and it says your net proceeds are $100,000 now for you and I. We understand why, right or a normal home owners like. But you

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said 100

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30. What happened to $30,000? I don't understand this. But when you and I sit down with a homeowner, we say $100,000 the only thing we're gonna ask for you to pay is your pro rated taxes in any underlying leads. Yeah. Do you understand this? And then we could build reporting the cells process and some of the calls that there's some of the podcast that we've had recently with people like Scott Bowers and John Martinez, where we've talked about the cells process. That's where the skills come in. And so as investors, we can't fear the eye buyers. We should utilize them as a tool. So with you having that insight to open door, I mean, what are some of the tips that you could give investors on how to utilize them or what they're looking for. Just any kind of insight. Tow the open door situation right now.

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Yeah, and so I think with anything, you've got to really understand that they're gonna have a bio box, right? So you just that as they have a criteria, it's a 1959 year bill. I believe so. I used to be 1960 above, so that's not 59 or not. And so a lot of whole cellar's fixes slippers that are just, you know, they're so the narrow focus on tracks. Okay, our time, sir. Personage mind start rehab. You gotta change that up because there's so many opportunities. Just like you said that capitalized on to where you know where you're not gonna see it on a full moon base or to be profitable when you look at it from selling and disposing it to a buyer for 15. 20 $30,000 are sitting there waiting for you to be able to capitalize on men. And most of you don't know this because they don't have that. No. And so my thing is been another everyman. Open doors and handle markets now, So studying. I don't think they're platform studying off at stutter studying still. Oh, there's so many Irish die, like you said, But really understand what the criteria is, how the process works. You know what their Paris is gonna be the time frames and all that good stuff and start having more confidence in taking down these deals that up at this point, you just simply overlook on. So what I've done, man, is I've reached out. They've got agents on almost every single market, not just let him know. Hey, you know what? This is kind of what I'm gonna be looking to do. I'm going to submit the offer. I have no interest in the home. I'm gonna get a very clear idea where they're gonna come in that and then based on repairs. But I think they're gonna need to do that because they're not. They're not. Fixing these half stuff like a slipper is they're not morning. They're put in 40 $50,000 trying to hit the peak of the market. That's just not the mark on. So knowing just how they operate other bases work on knowing there by power is a huge weight. We have leverage a lot of needs that most people just are thrown in the trash out days?

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Absolutely. And here's the thing. It's about paying attention to what other people were doing. Okay, The reason why I had this idea to sell houses to open door is because my neighbor across the street decided to sell. His house, showed up one day and he's packing everything up. I walked over there and said, Hey, man, what's going on? I got transferred to my job. Blob! Aw said, Well, you know, I'm a real estate investor. I I'd love to buy your house. And he said, You have got an offer from open door for X amount of dollars, but they're gonna come do the repair assessment. Well, I was ignorant, right? I had set in that room and heard all of these investors tell me, Yeah, man, they beat you up on those repairs. You know, they'll tell you you'll net this much, but then when they do, the repairs don't hit you for 20 or 30,000. So I didn't know any better. I just listened all my buddies. So that's what it's all the homeowner. Well, they hit him up for $2700. They destroyed him for 2700 you know? And so I told him, I'll match whatever open door. Well, will net you. Well, then, when he called me, I said, Dude, I I can't I can't match it. Because what I thought the RV was This is my neighborhood that I live in. I set the air V. I said this is their V. They sold that for $30,000. More than what I thought the interview was. They went in there and they did something that I didn't think could be done. Yeah, and so I started thinking to myself, Okay, I want a leverage that they have an ability that I don't have right. What's the ability we do have? We can go find houses and we can sell them to him. So just in the past month, we're gonna make $100,000 net by selling deals to open door.

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I love it. Just

spk_0:   20:16
about paying attention and going You know what? I'm not the smartest person open door smarter than me. Let them guess what? They're probably gonna go make money on those deals because all of us, you know, We want to sit down and be like, Yeah, they're losing money. They have to be losing money. No, no, I'm watching it. They made money there in that jail. They made money there, you know? So sure. Eso all right, moving away from that. So, you know, from open door, you decided to start Jay Z Homebuyers. So, what is Jay Z Homebuyers? Do you have partners? Was your team look

spk_1:   20:50
like they're Yeah, man. So I'm actually the solo runner up. Jay Z Homebuyers. Uh, we've got a team right now, 22 people on our team, so we've got 18 full time. The breakdown of this four part actually got four acquisition managers on our team six sms specialist that Hagel our text. Mr. Campaigns too cold callers that a full time we've got market analyst. So what More palaces? Does a team of people that we have that air going drive in the neighborhoods, man. So you still machine to utilize that very heavily of back end, be a support and make sure that we're always focus on the list that you just can't buy their debt from any other type of weed stores. And so that's a part of our marketing is well on. Then we've got full time via admin from my out desk that is an absolute game changer for us as well. And then a full time employee, Our advent slash transaction coordinator slash data injury on our team and then four d A's that help with that ended in trees fall.

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So that's a pre quick rise to 22 people. I mean, 20 late, 2017 toe Now here we are. You know, I guess we'll call it two and 1/2 years later. Yeah, two people. So how how do you manage 22 people that quickly? That's a lot

spk_1:   22:13

spk_0:   22:13
on boarding, training things along those lines,

spk_1:   22:17
man. So for first and foremost, I've gotta sit here and just humble myself and say that I couldn't do it without the people that have been on this team from the beginning that have gone through the thicket thing with me from the ups and downs and the, you know, not knowing if we're gonna be able to get a deal in the 1st 6 months. Man, we didn't even have a bill come, but we just kept focus. We had a belief we do. We surround ourselves the right people like Brent Daniels TTP the tribes that were in learning from the right people that do time. It was a represent my man. Shut up, Brent Daniels over there. We knew it was gonna come for wishing. And so that's been a huge part of him and got a right hand man that's been basically stayed, one that has really stepped up and taken a lot of ownership. What we've done allowed me to focus on the 50,000 foot view, which is a huge health, but also really answer your question. R J as far as how I have been able to build a team like that, you know, with us having a record breaking year, transactions, a lot of how to do it. Just go on Darkman and committing myself to knowing I'm gonna sacrifice hanging out with friends. I'm going to sacrifice to do it a lot of things that give me joy because because I know the sacrifices ultimately gonna get me to a point that it's gonna be well worth in the end. Jordan time is top. I mean, it's it's very tough to things that you know so they don't want to do. But, you know, you have to become that person to create that business about time you're trying to do. It s so a lot of it came to just insane, disciplined man and putting all of my focus all of my eggs in one basket saying whatever it takes, I'm gonna do it. I don't know so much of this stuff, man, but if it takes me 1000 times that I have to study something that may take another person one time I'm gonna be That guy is gonna do it 1000 times every single time. It's like, get it down, master it and then boom, delegated move onto the next one on just having that mindsets been able to get me to this point with the right people in the right seeds. And it's been it's been a journey, to say the least. It's been hard, lot of emotional ups and downs, you know, man, just any type of business. But the growth have been on 1/2 from it. From everything I've learned, how much I've been humbled. It's been the coolest, my best experience. I've ever had my entire life deficits. So

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you said you've got a record breaking year. A ce faras volume. Was that volume look like?

spk_1:   24:40
Yeah. So just Dallas Fort Worth alone. We're looking like we're close to $97 this year. Uh, work from think 23 2017. And then this year, Yeah, we're looking at 93. Hopefully 95 years to that kind of, uh, degree areas. Far as having a push into the first year. Yeah, 93 deals. Looking back on that, I would have literally never thought that was gonna be possible within two. You're I mean, I was hoping maybe hit 50. And then next thing you know, here we are so kind of goes back with vision, and I just no one that if other people are doing it, so can you Look ahead, don't get worker things. Things could happen.

spk_0:   25:22
I I see so much of myself in you, man. I remember that first year that we, you know, did you know 100 deals and it was like, How did that happen? That wasn't the goal. Just like I was like, Do we? It's funny because it doesn't feel that way. You know, it's like, you know, you're doing a lot, but you're kind of in it, you know? And it's like you're rolling just closing deals. And then it's like some point time. You go look at the K B I's and actually do the math and you add it up. It's like, Wow, that's That's free esprit. Intensely this, Yeah, like 100 people in the past 12 months sold me their house, and somehow I found 100 people to buy that house in a short time frame. Why, That's impressive, you know, So way started thinking about it's like this business is very simple, you know, really, like in all intensive purposes compared

spk_1:   26:19
to other

spk_0:   26:19
businesses, this is some

spk_1:   26:21
of your

spk_0:   26:21
men was like when you actually think about the impact that we're having on people like That's incredible. So you said just the f w. Are you doing anything outside of D F W

spk_1:   26:32
no. So 2020 man. One of our main goals is, you know, obviously there's so many people that air going virtual and start really capitalizing opportunities outside of their markets, And that's gonna be a big folks because utilizing props, treating things like that and expanding into other markets and utilizing or infrastructure that we have here D a w kind of our hub having booze in the ground and start going into other markets to Theo impact we're gonna make on these homeowners.

spk_0:   27:01
So out of the 90 plus deals that you're going to do this year, how many of those were wholesales? How many flips were you doing was mainly wholesales. What? What did that break down look like?

spk_1:   27:14
Yeah, man, So definite majority have been whole cells. I would say probably 80 of them have been holed. Sells 90. I've been kind of the whole town law over. We do a bury my lipstick to it and throw it on the market. And then, uh, you know, the last five that we're doing are gonna be buying old properties that I'm actually taking down in my hand and try to start growing up polio tax advantages and things like that. But you have a majority are businessmen has been straight, whole sound spokesman that that one thing and trying to master that before we start moving in tow. Other aspects.

spk_0:   27:49
So do you feel like Now, at this point time, you have the systems and processes on the wholesaling business nailed down. So where you can start transitioning to doing other strategies Is that kind of something that you feel like you've It's a well oiled machine. Justin could go away for two months, and it's gonna continue to work.

spk_1:   28:12
Yeah. So I had a only the coolest experience of my life. I went, Oh, Cotton on. It was like October 14 commanded up to that point. You know, building a business. Arjun. You know, you It's all in, man. Whenever you're first starting out to gain that moment, Um uh, that I had taken a single vacation since I started Jay Z on Byers. Really? Straight from the open door to Jason. Home buyers, not one vacation. And so that was the first time I was a little step away from more than, like, one day and say things were literally okay. I've got team members that can own their lanes that are accountable, that I can get things done, man. And for that time, letting go was very difficult for me to do. I think I think it was that they weren't ready before then. I think it was more so. I was

spk_0:   28:59

spk_1:   28:59
was afraid to just let go and allow it to happen. But I was scared of Meena having that controller. But once I did, once I realized I let go. I came back and there's there's new systems in place. People are stepping up that really had stepped up for And I was like and I I need to need more often like we're literally leveling up whenever that happens, man, because people realize, like, this is time for me to kind of shine in my life and show they I've got what it takes the one grow this business and keep the wheels turning like that happen. So it was a really cool experience happened, man, And, uh, since then, you know, I've really tried to focus on separating myself from not having so much control over letting those people that have the potential step up business leaders will be

spk_0:   29:44
right. I remember when I was an assistant manager for Pizza Hut. When the general manager would go on vacation, I would show up, and it was like, This is my time to shine like I want the restaurant to run better because I'm in charge and I would bleed for that week to make sure it was better. And then he would show up. But it's like, Yeah, that's right. Everything was better because I was in charge, you know, so that. But that's because he had the right person underneath them, right? Like that's how much I cared about doing my job. So you have You have those the right people underneath you, then? Yeah, The company will run better when you're gone. They want to impress you. They want to show you how much that they can do for the company. That's also because you're opening up opportunities

spk_1:   30:38
for you. No, I mean it.

spk_0:   30:39
So that's that's awesome that you were able to experience that man moving forward into 2020. And I know you've got a little bit about going virtual on some other markets. But where do you go from here? Like what your goals look like for 2020.

spk_1:   30:55
Yeah. Mm. It's still up to this point. My overall vision. I started on the whole cell inside. It wasn't to be a whole set of the entire time. I wanted to really create a system like you said a well oiled machine where we had assisted in inventory coming in. And then from there, you know, I wanted to go deep before I was quiet or anything else. I knew a lot of the the power that you get from having opportunities comes from one being over. Have deals first, right? Right. Uh, so in 2020 man, a big focus. Ours is opposite to keep increasing our our monthly deal flow of inventory coming in, but also start focusing on flips more systematized in that when it makes more sense from AA Marshall standpoint. Have flips in the process insistence. Now, I mean, the five flips up down this year and you talk about you think flipping is gonna be like old selling. You've got another thing. Yeah, uh, I learned the hard way, man. And then, you know, also partnered up with some guys that are really in tow, the sub to the owner financing. So we're gonna look at these deals that are coming in and not just focused. Like I said from a narrow mind set, Start seeing more lost Otis. What about you and service to his fellow owners that we otherwise would have been able to do it. So that's that's kind of what, 2020 years, man? And just taking what we currently have our foundation of Bill's expanding on and creating more up to news for the team. Everyone that's that's working with us and also providing better service of the homeowners as well.

spk_0:   32:22
Yes. So you talk about the foundation of the company there. I see right over your right shoulder. You've got vision and the core values written down, man. So So that's a little bit of the attraction or the Rockefeller, you know, Where did that come from? How did you come up with that yourself?

spk_1:   32:40
Yeah, man. So I, uh, I read traction, and once I read that, you had kind of an idea in business. But then when you start really breaking it down, traction does you start realizing like and it's I've been with Bill Compton stuff like, right now, actually fairly easy. One to start realizing what six components are toe a successful businessman and so first thing in traction. It teaches. You know, your core values. You need to make sure you're hiring or firing. Working by what standards you set with the company on. So what? Our core values, man. We try to make it to where a arm M one focuses simplicity. Let's get these homeowners the absolute sexless with Earl to sell a home at the same time. Let's not make things inside operations complex even. Let's always say OK, is this the most away to do something? We've got an execution. So, you know, talking about things. It's cute. So many people like to talk nowadays. But the only thing that's really rewarded is being able to take an idea and then be ableto execute on that idea. S o b focused heavily on that. And then we've got you know, another one is gonna be value. Always make it. Your bodies are first position, making sure that no matter what we do, we're not gonna be the right fit for the homeowner. No, you give them the value they need that they want as if it was your grandma. Treat every person. Is there someone in your family and you focus on valuing the rest, the money, all the other stuff I got taken care of. And, uh, you know, I've got more rising, which is just assist improvement trust, which isn't always been true, not your seeker. And they're just straight ownership what we're doing. And so with everyone we've hired on and really preaching those core values, man, I think that's being oven implement. That was a huge impact on as all kind of understanding. Hey, this is our vision. Here's our core values and we start to slip. It's not as getting on to miss in a man. You know, We we all agreed we took ownership that's lit up the sport values. Let's make sure we get back on track. So we're getting that that execution, that ownership of that kites with that trust, whatever. Maybe it's It's been huge being implemented that because it's a true system that without it, you know, you're kind of just winging it open. It all works out its structure a lot better for us, Sure.

spk_0:   34:48
Oh, man, Man, Oh, man, that's awesome. Right there. Hey, for anyone, that's red traction. Another part of that book is, is if you cannot sit there and recite what your core values are, then it's not a core value anybody can write really cool shit on the wall, okay? And call it a core value. But if you gotta look up there and be like, Oh, yeah, ownership. Yeah, that's one of them. Ah, that ain't a core value. So you just rattled those off bubble like those that is your core values like that is what y'all are about. That's what Daisy home buyers is about right there. So I love that man. That's that kind of stuff. That that is, that's why you're having the success that you're having. Man, you said I mean, you thought about what you wanted your company look like. Everything is based around that foundation right there, you know? And, uh, the amazing thing about it is, is it's your responsibility to be visionary, right? To cast that vision and make sure everybody understands it. Sounds like you've created incredible team around those core values and that vision. Um, that's why you're over achieving. And I'll be honest with you, man. I I I am so blessed to be able to to talk to top performers from around the country, not only with the podcast, but masterminds going to their offices. You know, just yesterday, um, I was talking to Yo's at Batch Skip Tracings office Brain Daniels and Chris on Varos and Jesse Burrell and pays more being all these guys that are just crushing it. But I will say, Um, it is a pretty consistent theme across the country that 2019 was a difficult year. Most people did not grow this year. So congrats to you for what you guys have been able to accomplish. Because that's not on Lee at a testament to y'all's company, but also the time in which you did it, where most people are having a difficult time. That's awesome. I now understand why 2019 was a difficult year for me. It's because you came in and you took all of the deals.

spk_1:   36:59
So, you

spk_0:   37:00
know, I'm just playing. But no, man, that's awesome. Uh, so that's That's where you want to go in 2020. Um, long term, man. What do you want for Justin Peters? I mean, Jay Z Homebuyers. Is there something outside of real estate? What? What

spk_1:   37:18
is that? That's a great question. Super powerful in two minutes, I think, uh, with anyone, you never want to look a TTE building a company as being kind of that wife or you are making money from the company for me. I want to use real estate. I want to use this platform, be able to inspire motivate that would truly impact. I mean, millions of people and somehow or another, uh, real estates. One of those things. That passion About what? This isn't This isn't what really just is the main drive for me. The main drive for me is being able to help others. Real estate allows you to help others, but I want to do it on a much larger scale. And so you're being about O. C. Guys like human. I mean, beat kids, cancer, things like that. I mean, that's that's what it's about. It really is. It's about being able to truly make an impact much, much bigger than ourselves. Much bigger than $8 sign bring in from a company. And so long term vision, R. J. It's I'm not sure exactly what that is, man, but I want to make, uh, make an impact. I'm gonna help people wanna let people know, man, no matter what you've been through, no matter what life is made may have been up to this point like you, you could break through it and you could turn everything around. Uh, more so than you could ever imagine. S so that's kind of just Yeah,

spk_0:   38:33
well, while I kind of compliment you on a couple of things, I think about your final thoughts and we'll wrap up the episode. But I want you to go ahead and realize something that you talk about. You want to em back millions of people. Just this year alone you bought, we'll call it 100.

spk_1:   38:54
Yeah, that sends the cooler man like

spk_0:   38:56
a call. We'll call it 100 homes that majority of those were going to be impacting not only the seller, but their families. And then you wholesale those two other investors at a rate in which they should be able to profit, which benefits their business, their employees, all of those people's families. There's people out there that are sending their kids to private school or playing sports or able to have an amazing Christmas because of the houses that you guys bought and sold. And when you actually started thinking about it impacting millions of people over the course of a couple of years. You are doing that and it's not, maybe directly, but it it's a little bit indirectly, but without you sitting down and reading traction, he's saying, I'm gonna come up with our core values and this is the vision. And this is our mission statement and holding people accountable to that. Would there have probably been somebody else come along and buy that house? Probably. Yeah, you did it. And you were impacting those people's lives. And you should be proud of that. And so I just wanted to let you know that could sometimes, man, we're so much in the grind of this and so much about transactions and so much about revenue and marketing dollars spent on all of those different days, that's all important. Yeah, but at the end of the day, some of us that are the visionaries that sit in the seats um, we need to pat ourselves on the back every now and then. Realize hey, things that I want to do, I'm already doing them on my way. So

spk_1:   40:40
thank you for that. Yeah, uh,

spk_0:   40:43
some final thoughts before we wrap up this interview.

spk_1:   40:45
Yeah. Man s a pretty went out there that you've got a successful business. Great. If you're looking to get it into business or take that meat man. My biggest advice is understanding this the the struggle is guaranteed. But success is not says hold our truth. And what I also do know from that is that you have the ability to be that person that most people only dream being. You've got more potential inside of you to accomplish anything that you want to go after your usually only living up to about 40% of your capabilities of strep and commit and go through the pain as much as it takes. If you've got a true mission, a true wife for who you want to be, what you wanna do in this life, just know that you're capable of doing it. And if there's something that you're passionate about, goa'uld commit to a sink, your ships go dark, do whatever it takes ones that doubt you or make fun of your friends. They'll see before to, uh and so that's just encourage. But I wanna give anyone that may be looking to take that leap, man, because when I heard someone, someone, or that it made me realize, like a thes Guys, we're doing it. So can I. I'm gonna have to work my tail off. It's gonna be hard. I'm gonna go through some very dark times. I'm gonna get through it, and it's all gonna it's all gonna be working. So my final thoughts on that man is just go all in and commit to it and know that you have the ability to become whatever Thank you won't be inside.

spk_0:   42:10
Awesome man would take you so much for sharing your story Breaking down that journey from, you know, Alito high School cornerback nailed it, you know, toe finding your way. You know, realizing that you wanted to live up to the potential that you had. New Western Open door working with Freddie Now, Jay Z Homebuyers. It's an awesome journey, man. I can't wait to continue to watch youto grow and see where you go in the future years, guys, that's that's our episode for this week. You enjoyed it. Share it with somebody shared on facebook. Instagram tag myself. Tag. Justin, Um, if you listen on iTunes, leave us a five star review That helps us get the get this word out to more people you're watching on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe. Gives us the thumbs up. Okay, that's our episode. Thank you, guys. Thanks so much for listening to the titanium vault with your host R J base, the third more imposing. To stamp the date, visit www dot podcast on the titanium vault dot com and on facebook dot com slash the titanium vault. He enjoyed the episode. Please read and review. We'll catch you next time.